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The world already has enough dull as dishwater copy

Can we try some that makes a connection instead?


What are words worth to you and your business? They’re how you tell people about your products and services. So words are worth everything.

Words on your website. Words in brochures or on leaflets. Words in emails. Words in magazines and newspapers. Words on social media.

All these words have the same end goal – to let people know about what you have to offer. You want them to learn more about you and like what they see, so they’ll ultimately do business with you.

Words aren’t just important. They’re business critical. But the right words  don’t always come easily…

Are you struggling for words? You don’t need to be.

That’s what I’m here for, providing fresh, value rich, income generating freelance copywriting services to help boost your awareness, sales, sign-ups and visibility.


Please allow me to introduce myself

Hi. I’m Judith Rafferty, trading as Fruition Copywriting.

An ambivert, empathetic freelance copywriter in Manchester, England.

I have a rampant thirst for knowledge and an appreciation of both high and low culture.

I’m sometimes prone to taking the weight of the world on my shoulders. But I’ve got nerves like girders when I set my mind on something.

Unafraid to stand up for what I believe in, I won’t tolerate inequality and injustice.

My world is rocked by the unparalleled joy of live music. It’s why I earn enjoyment tokens. There really is no other feeling quite like it!


I’m a creative AND commercially astute freelance copywriter serving Manchester’s start-ups, sole traders, SMEs and larger organisations.

In addition to locally, I work with clients much further afield, across the UK and internationally.

Besides working directly with corporate clients, I also sub-contract to agencies, on a white label basis if client front facing is required.

A fluffpreneur I’m not! My years of frontline sales experience help me produce income generating work on your behalf.

My comprehensive range of purpose-built and bespoke services is crafted with the simple, earnest goal of getting you seen, known, and booked!


Coming from a frontline sales background is an unusual USP to have in copywriting.

I thrived during many happy and successful years in sales roles before concentrating on being a full-time freelance copywriter.

I’ve got an in-built commercial compass due to my sales background. For you, the client, this translates in to a laser focus on getting eyes on your business. And money in your pot.

My natural writing style is accessible, candid, conversational and engaging.

But, there are many ways of using words to turn browsers in to buyers.

I also relish the opportunity to indulge in lush and sensory descriptiveness, in powerful words that inspire emotions.

Creative, with an eye that remains firmly on the bottom line. It’s second nature to me, after years of immersion in sales cultures where you stand or fall with your scores on the doors.

Whatever your goals are, I’ll help you achieve them by hitting that just right tone of voice for your business and your audiences.

And yourself?

Do you wrangle with what you really want to say about your busines or struggle to transfer what’s in your head on to paper?

Do you always seem to be too busy working in your business to work on it?

Is time your worst enemy for building some marketing momentum?

Do you want to leverage your online presence? To start building the blogs section of your website? Start uploading articles on LinkedIn? Start using a lead magnet to build an email database?

But you’re overwhelmed and don’t know where to start making a start?


Does the the idea of a professional copywriting partner sound appealling?

A copywriter you can trust and rely on for an hour, a day, a batch of pre-agreed monthly tasks, or whatever level of support you need to start giving your business the voice it deserves.

Giving you back valuable time you should be spending shining your unique brilliance on the world.

Imagine having more hours to look after today. Whilst a dedicated and experienced copywriter helps you look after tomorrow.

Let’s talk.

Jobs include copywriting sales emails to promote restaurant party and group meal products to different key target markets. Also crafting highly detailed venue descriptions for third party event websites.

“Judith is a consummate professional, providing excellent knowledge and expertise, whilst being open to the individual needs of clients. She will always be my go-to lady, as her work ethic, loyalty, and passion are second to none. I look forward to the next chapter with you, Judith.”

Sam Fraser

Operations Manager, TRB Ltd, Manchester

Jobs include the transcription of long form text in to bite-sized scripts for short video training sessions.

“Judith is wonderful to work with. I had an eLearning course which I was getting lost in, because I had so much information to add. Judith sorted it out, and made it easier for me, as well as others, to understand, and made it flow easy. Will definitely use her again!

Sonia S

Sleep Therapist, London

Jobs include sales email copywriting to promoting the benefits of stocking their products to their target client base.

“Truly experienced and easy to communicate with. A brilliant asset to any business.”

Tom O

Vegan & Gluten Free Patisserie Supplier, Uxbridge

Jobs include multiple website product description copywriting ahead of their new range launch.

“Delivered premium quality work in 24 hours. She listened to the task at hand, and executed brilliantly. I will be working with her on many projects to come.”

Reza R

Luxury German CBD Skincare Brand, London

Jobs include website copywriting. Plus introductory cold sales letter crafting with the aim of securing new business appointments from a targeted ideal client hitlist.

“I throughly enjoyed working with Judith. Working with her was like working with a friend and business partner. She quickly picked up what I was looking for and patiently worked with me to get it spot on. Will definitely work with her again.”

Ola F

Independent Behaviour Insight Training & Coaching Consultant, Sheffield

Jobs include writing website blogs to promote the client’s Thanksgiving, Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales to their largely American market.

“It was lovely to work with Judith, great communication and writing skills. She wrote two blogs for my website and I loved them from the first draft! So, well done and will definitely work again with her.”

Paola S

Mens & Boys Swinwear Designer & Online Retailer, London




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