Freelance Copywriter Judith Rafferty, wmiling with arms folded

Greetings from your next freelance Copywriter, based in Manchester, for low effort high impact words that shine during uncertain times – or at any time!

I’m SO glad you’ve found me, Judith, your next freelance B2B, hospitality and events content & copywriter in Manchester. I specialise in writing clear, plucky yet heart-centred words to supercharge your credibility and generate engagement, leads and sales.

I have a question for you. What are words worth to you and your business?

They’re worth everything. You’re unable to tell people about your amazing products and services without them:-

  • On your website
  • In brochures or on leaflets
  • In emails and letters
  • In magazines and newspapers
  • On social media.

Words are beyond important. They’re business critical, which can be tricky if the right words don’t always come easily.

If this hits home, you’ll want to pay close attention to what I’m sharing with you…


Personal Confection


  • Ambivert
  • Empathetic
  • Rampant thirst for knowledge
  • Barrowloads of enthusiasm
  • Lashings of common sense
  • Prone to taking the weight of the world on my shoulders
  • Nerves like girders when I set my mind on something
  • Intolerant of inequality and injustice
  • Unafraid to stand up for what I believe in
  • Earn enjoyment tokens to afford the unparalleled joy of live music

Professional Morsels


  • Creative AND commercially astute
  • Serve start-ups, sole traders, SMEs and larger organisations
  • Operate locally, nationally and internationally
  • Work directly with corporate clients
  • Sub-contract to agencies, (on a white label basis if client front facing is required)
  • Not a fluffpreneur
  • Years of frontline sales experience
  • Offer a comprehensive range of purpose-built and bespoke services crafted with the singular goal of getting you seen, known, and booked


Coming from a frontline sales background is an unusual USP for a Copywriter.

I excelled in local, regional and national sales roles for years – primarily in the hospitality, events and travel trade sectors – before becoming a full-time freelance Copywriter for Manchester clients and beyond.

Why does this matter to you?

Now, you’ll benefit from so much more than a catchy turn of phrase when you work with me. In addition, you also get:


  • A laser focus for getting you off the screen or page, and in to the hearts and baskets of your target audience
  • Dopamine-inducing creativity combined with an eye that remains firmly on the bottom line.
  • A ‘nail on head’ tone of voice that sounds exactly like your logo made flesh and gets your target audience resonating on rocket fuel.

Where are you at right now with words for your business?

Do you:-

  •  Wrangle with getting what’s in your head on to paper?
  •  Lack any marketing mojo because you’re too busy working in your business to work on it?
  • Feel overwhelmed and don’t know where to start making a start?


    Does the idea of a professional copywriting partner appeal?

    You can trust and rely on this freelance Copywriter in Manchester to stand right by your side for –

    • An hour
    • A day
    • A batch of specific monthly tasks
    • Whatever level of support you need to give your business the voice it deserves

    But there’s more to it than finally whipping your marketing in to some sort of shape…

    The gift of precious time. Yes, time you should be spending shining your unique brilliance on the world, NOT getting headaches over copy and content.

    Imagine having more hours to look after today. Plus, a dedicated and experienced freelance Copywriter in Manchester helping you look after tomorrow.

    Why now? Why wait? The sooner you act, the sooner more eyes will be on your business instead of your competitors.

    Drop me a line. My inbox is open.

    Jobs include copywriting sales emails to promote restaurant party and group meal products to different key target markets. Also crafting highly detailed venue descriptions for third party event websites.

    “Judith is a consummate professional, providing excellent knowledge and expertise, whilst being open to the individual needs of clients. She will always be my go-to lady, as her work ethic, loyalty, and passion are second to none. I look forward to the next chapter with you, Judith.”

    Sam Fraser

    Operations Manager, TRB Ltd, Manchester

    Jobs include the transcription of long form text in to bite-sized scripts for short video training sessions.

    “Judith is wonderful to work with. I had an eLearning course which I was getting lost in, because I had so much information to add. Judith sorted it out, and made it easier for me, as well as others, to understand, and made it flow easy. Will definitely use her again!

    Sonia S

    Sleep Therapist, London

    Jobs include sales email copywriting to promoting the benefits of stocking their products to their target client base.

    “Truly experienced and easy to communicate with. A brilliant asset to any business.”

    Tom O

    Vegan & Gluten Free Patisserie Supplier, Uxbridge

    Jobs include multiple website product description copywriting ahead of their new range launch.

    “Delivered premium quality work in 24 hours. She listened to the task at hand, and executed brilliantly. I will be working with her on many projects to come.”

    Reza R

    Luxury German CBD Skincare Brand, London

    Jobs include website copywriting. Plus introductory cold sales letter crafting with the aim of securing new business appointments from a targeted ideal client hitlist.

    “I throughly enjoyed working with Judith. Working with her was like working with a friend and business partner. She quickly picked up what I was looking for and patiently worked with me to get it spot on. Will definitely work with her again.”

    Ola F

    Independent Behaviour Insight Training & Coaching Consultant, Sheffield

    Jobs include writing website blogs to promote the client’s Thanksgiving, Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales to their largely American market.

    “It was lovely to work with Judith, great communication and writing skills. She wrote two blogs for my website and I loved them from the first draft! So, well done and will definitely work again with her.”

    Paola S

    Mens & Boys Swinwear Designer & Online Retailer, London