Freelance Copywriter Judith Rafferty, wmiling with arms folded

Meet your next copywriter in Manchester and prepare to crush your competition

I’m Judith, your new low maintenance high impact freelance copywriter in Manchester. And I specialise in clear, plucky, heart-centred words that shine during uncertain times – or at any time!

Here’s why you’re going to want to pay close attention. The thing is, words are everything when it comes to business. You can’t promote your fantastic products or services without them:

  • On your website
  • In brochures or leaflets
  • In emails and letters
  • In magazines and newspapers
  • On social media

But, telling your story gets tricky without the right words. If you’re nodding along, keep reading!



  • Low maintenance to work with, I just’get it’
  • Serve startups, SMEs, and large organisations
  • Work locally, nationally, and internationally
  • 15+ years of experience in successfully managing multiple projects with a positive attitude, with direct corporate clients or sub-contracting with marketing, SEO and PR agencies, (white label if needed)
  • NOT a fluffpreneur
  • Bespoke and fully customisable services to match your unique needs and help your amazing products and services deeply resonate with your existing and prospective audiences



  • Years of frontline sales experience in hospitality, events, and travel trade sectors, resulting in a keen awareness of ROI
  • Turned successful copywriter for Manchester clients and beyond
  • Creativity and commercial savvy
  • Mistress of tone of voice that resonates like your logo can talk
  • Proactively in touch with market trends, competitor activities, behaviours and preferences of target audiences, to create rewarding campaigns across industries and channels

My Approach to Using AI in copywriting


Many clients ask if I use AI tools when writing marketing copy and, if so, how.

As a well thought of copywriter in Manchester and nationwide, I feel obliged to put this burning question front and centre.

Here’s my approach… I specialise in creating original, impactful copy. For this purpose, I personally handle the crucial tasks of thinking, strategising, and wordsmithing.

All the same, I do use AI as a kind of “writer’s assistant.” For example, I might ask AI to:

      • Summarise an article, web page, or video.
      • Provide insights into a target market and what motivates them to buy.
      • Generate ideas for creative concepts or content topics, (AI makes a great brainstorming buddy, after all).
      • Suggest fresh examples, scenarios, stories, analogies, metaphors, and turns of phrase.
      • Play the role of your customer and provide feedback on how persuasive the copy is from that point of view, (the next best thing to live testing!).
      • Make me a banana protein pancake. (Alright, not quite!)

But if you provide me with confidential information or a trade secret, I’ll never input it into an AI platform without your approval.

The bottom line is this. No matter how I use AI tools, the copy I produce will always be original and draw on my 25+ years of experience in designing low effort, high impact content and copy. I guarantee it.

Where are you at with words for your business?


  • Struggling to get your ideas on paper
  • Too busy working in your business to work on it?
  • Overwhelmed and don’t know where to start?


    Now you too can work with your friendly neighourhood copywriter in Manchester for:

    • An hour
    • A day
    • A monthly batch of tasks
    • Whatever level of support you need to give your business the voice it deserves

    Beyond better marketing, you’ll gain the precious gift of time—time to shine your brilliance on the world while I handle your content and copy.

    So why wait? The sooner you reach out, the sooner your business gets noticed instead of your competitors.

    Drop me a line. My inbox is open.

    “We’ve worked with Judith since April 2022. During her outsourced tenure with us, she’s produced monthly case studies and news items for our website.

    She is an absolute star and her services have been integral to moving our marketing activity forwards.

    It’s been a pleasure working with her and I can’t speak highly enough of her. In fact, it’s testament to her that she’s recently picked up additional work from one of our clients after interviewing them for a case study.”

    Andrew Bowers

    Managing Director, MICE Concierge, Beds

    “Judith is a consummate professional, providing excellent knowledge and expertise, whilst being open to the individual needs of clients. She will always be my go-to lady, as her work ethic, loyalty, and passion are second to none. I look forward to the next chapter with you, Judith.”

    Sam Fraser

    Operations Manager, TRB Ltd, Manchester

    Judith has the incredible and commercial ability of understanding exactly what you are looking to achieve in your endeavours!

    On top of this, Judith is highly personable and a joy to work with and I would wholeheartedly recommend her services.”

    Yvonne Dixon

    Wellbeing Fempreneur, Happy Coach, Event Production Fairy Godmother, Arbonne, Panda Design Management, The Wedding Editors, Cheshire

    Debbie Firmstone

    Marketing & Events Consultant, Queen Bee & Co, Grantham