“Content writing for your ideal client” was the answer that immediately sprang to mind recently.

Anita Baldwin of Get Savvy Club, a social media expert and mentor I admire, put out a LinkedIn post headed, “What do you think is the MOST important thing to do to be successful at marketing using social media?” 

There are several very valid potential answers. But, the one I want to hone in on right now in answer to Anita’s question is – Talk to your people and not to yourself! Make no mistake, that’s exactly what you will be doing if you’ve not identified who you want to be talking to.

To start content writing for your ideal client, you need to take a deep dive in to who these people are and what their lives look like. This equips you to reach beyond content creation purely for the sake of the social media marketing hamster wheel.

‘Buying personas’ or ‘ideal client avatars’ are marketing fundamentals that help you identify and deeply understand your target customer segments.

As a result of knowing and understanding them, content writing for your ideal client gets easier when you’re able to speak directly to them, meeting them exactly where they are.

What is Content writing for Your ‘Ideal Client Avatar’ or ‘Buyer Persona’? 

Your ideal client avatars or buying personas are ‘imaginary people’ possessing all the characteristics and traits of your ideal customers.

By bringing them to life, you build a greater understanding of who precisely these people are, in terms of their –

  • Appearance
  • Age
  • Address
  • Gender
  • Likes and dislikes
  • Interests and pastimes

This enhanced knowledge of your ideal customers results in greater empathy towards them, upping your content writing for your ideal client game and equipping you to laser target your social media messages.

What are the 4 Key Benefits of Understanding How Your Ideal Customer Interacts on Social Media? 

These four factors should be at the very heart of your social media strategy and when you’re content writing for your ideal client. They’ll enhance your success by –

  • Informing the most befitting topics and themes for you to develop for optimal engagement with your ideal customers.
  • Reflecting which platforms your ideal customers are using most, forearming you to use your time and efforts to best effect.
  • Indicating the relevant tone of voice for content writing for your ideal client to in step with them.
  • Suggesting what times you should post your content for maximum reach and interaction at the times your ideal customers are online.

Why is it a good idea to assign a photo to each persona?

It’s a good idea to assign a photo to actually give each category of ideal customer a human face.

Giving each persona a name further affirms their existence as real people.

Names and photos used together amplify each persona, e.g. Mandy Mates might be a young 18-25 year old single woman, or Molly Manager, a busy career-oriented professional woman.

This helps you to really hone in on who you are talking to and engaging with.


What are the kinds of conversations you can bring in to the social media mix?

The kinds of conversations you can bring in to the social media mix cover a broad spectrum, but content writing for your ideal client should always be relevant to them and what makes them tick.

Original creative content in a relevant and consistent tone of voice humanises you, as a business, in the psyche of your customers.

In this manner, you can model your content writing for your ideal client around annual calendar dates, such as –

  • Christmas
  • Valentine’s Day
  • Easter
  • Mother’s & Father’s Day
  • Freshers’ Week
  • Halloween
  • Independence Day,

plus many other national awareness days, weeks and months.

Besides these predictable calendar associations, meaningful engagement can be achieved by bringing what’s going right here and now in to the social media mix, such as popular culture and topical affairs.

A great example of this sort of social media success was the way that some companies harnessed the popularity of HBO’s blockbusting Game Of Thrones series.

Everybody wanted a piece of Game Of Thrones. When companies pinpointed relevant associations with their products – and executed them well on social media – they engendered high engagement by showing themselves to be in touch.

Red Bull did so to great effect, sharing its ‘Jon Snowboard’ clip before the start of Season Six. It followed the cliff hanger at the close of Season Five that left fans guessing whether one of the best loved leading characters was dead or alive.

The clip featured the last breaths of Jon, who suddenly dusted himself off, downed a Red Bull, and snowboarded off down the mountain.


Ok, so we aren’t all Breakers of Chains, or Mothers of Dragons. And we can’t all hang our hats on every National Sky Blue Pink Day or Give A Dog A Bone Week going.

But I’ve hopefully provided a few useful pointers and prompts to help you talk directly to your dream client instead of the wall?

Any questions or feedback whatsoever, my inbox is always open.


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