I haven’t always offered content and copywriting services


But that was then. No cause for concern. This is now and I’ve got massive experience of providing content and copywriting services ranging from the sublime to the ridiculous, (no disrespects to any existing or past clients meant).

I’m Judith, by the way, Virgo, a cat adoring, box set bingeing, cake baking, rock concert going, candid, friendly Mancunian artisan of content and copywriting services who enjoys the occasional lager and lime.

So, how did I get here?…

Trouble Brewing

That was the moment that changed everything for me.

Let me take you for a walk down memory lane…to April 2008.

The credit crunch had been dominating the news. It was starting to kick hard, doing real damage to people from all walks of life through no fault of their own.

I was one of them.

The Party was Over

The hospitality and events sectors were all I’d really known in the world of work.

I’d had a brilliant 15 years working my way up the ladder in venues, on the venue finding agency side and destination marketing.

It was a fail-proof foundation to take the plunge and go it alone a self-employed sales and marketing consultant in my field.

We didn’t know it back then. But we sure know now that hospitality and events are always the first things to take a bullet when market conditions go pear-shaped.

The bubble I’d worked so hard to build up around me was bursting.

Going Back to My Roots

Words have given me a thrill for as long as I’ve been able to read them.

I can still vividly recall junior school aged me curled up with Lizzie Dripping, Heidi, Little Women, Jane Eyre and Tess.

These words transported me to different dimensions. They triggered powerful emotions of hope and despair, joy and desolation, love and anger, peace and chaos.

Words became what I wanted I to do when I grew up, through school to graduating from Uni with a B.A. (Hons). But it didn’t turn out that way.

I was young, all over the place, and just looking for ‘something interesting’ to do with my life. That’s when I stumbled in to the hospitality and events industry by default.

And it’s where I stayed and grew and did really well for the next 25+ years.

But there was just one small catch… every now and again I’d feel really annoyed with myself for never exploring my writing passion; for forgetting about that little bookworm with a big dream.

Doors Closing Quickly

So, there I was, in April 2008, with everything I’d grafted for in tatters.

It was then I had this random idea of offering freelance content and copywriting services.

To be honest, I didn’t feel like there was anything else I could do to lift myself out of a bad place.

It was scary. I had no idea whatsoever how to get going with content and copywriting services, or if I’d be any good at it.


Fresh content and copywriting service from Judith Rafferty, Fruition Copywriting

The Impostor Writes

I was excited and nervous at the same time. My stomach was in knots.

I landed my first few small copywriting jobs through hustling.

Me, writing for money!

I wouldn’t have admitted it to those first clients. But I didn’t have a clue what I was doing.

You can imagine the sheer relief when I got glowing reviews from most of those clients. (in addition, I learnt lots from the not so brilliant ones) .

Those first clients of my content and copywriting services never knew they were guineapigs. My brass-necking had paid off.

There were five-star testimonials, repeat work, and referrals to other contacts.

I was doing it. I was making a living – albeit a humble one initially – out of content and copywriting services. OMG!


The recession started to ease gradually while I was throwing my energy in to building my content and copywriting services

The hospitality sector fired up again.

My phone starting ringing again, with venues needing sales and marketing support to start clawing their way back.

So, I had two cakes and ate them – my hospitality business development services, and my content and copywriting services.

It was brilliant to have an additional string to my bow –  content and copywriting services – to offer in the hospitality and events sectors I knew like the back of my hand.

In addition, I was also expanding my content and copywriting services beyond the comfiness of hospitality to all sorts of other diverse businesses.

A World Spun Sideways

The motherload of 2020 came out of nowhere.

We started hearing more and more about this virus in China soon after getting back to work in January.

By the end of February people stopped socialising in public places and started stockpiling pulses, tinned foods and toilet paper.

Like everybody else, I’d never experienced a global pandemic before. But work-wise, I’d done this before.

A Final Word

Since then, it’s been all about words.

Words are more important to most businesses than they’ve ever been.

As a result, my content and copywriting services have grown and grown as we continue to tap in to different ways of getting our messages out there.

Why Choose My Content and copyWriting Services?


Content and Copywriting Services to Get You Off the Marketing Hamster Wheel

It’s a toughie. You know you need to be getting your business out there. But you didn’t go in to business to have to sit there writing about your business.

You’ve not got –

  • the time
  • the in-house skills
  • the inclination
  • a mixture of all three

to market your business on top of doing what you’re great at and what your clients pay you for.

Yes, You Can Have it Both Ways

You’re not updating your website regularly with fresh SEO-rich blog content to boost your SERPs rankings.

  • But, imagine your website finally climbing up the SERPs organically, without having to pay through the nose for more visibility and clicks?

You don’t post consistent engaging, entertaining, useful content on your social media channels.

  • How worthwhile would it feel to grow dynamic, engaged, enjoyable social media accounts it’s a pleasure to visit?

There’s not much or no response to the same boring old sales emails you keep spraying and praying with.

  • Can’t you almost taste the satisfaction when your sales emails and letters start getting some responses apart from ‘Unsubscribe’, plus some actual scores on the doors?

I’d Love to Help

When you use my content and copywriting services –

  • We’ll talk besides emailing, so I can get to know you, your business and your brand voice, (which we’ll nail if you haven’t captured it yet).
  • My new client questions are purpose-designed to drag out what’s in your head.
  • You can always rely on my candour and best advice, even if you choose not to agree.
  • I’ll stand right by your side without sitting on your payroll.


B.A. (Honours) American Studies & EnglishUniversity of Hull  

Social Media Marketing Diploma –  Centre of Excellence  

Copywriting For Conversions: How To Write Persuasive CopyAlison Courses  

SEO For BeginnersYoast

Guest Appearances

It’s Not Rocket Science! Five Questions Over Coffee Vodcast with Stuart Webb, Expert Business Success Mentor, Consultant, Podcast Host, Mentor

How to Write Copy that Converts Podcast with Rosemary O’Shaughnessy, Digital Content Manager & Podcaster

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Creating Content that Connects, Savvy Says Facebook Live with Becky Whitaker, Selling Savvy, award-winning sales and conversion trainers within the hospitality, event and tourism industry

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Esspresso+ with John Esperian – A safe and inclusive space to discuss personal branding, content creation and best practices for LinkedIn visibility.

The Delegate Wranglers – Superstar Supplier  – With 21,000 events professionals beung a part of the event industry’s most engaged community.

Get Savvy Academy with Anita Baldwin and Anna Geary   – Making social media work for you!

Shine 365 Content Creation Club with Nika Stewart   – A fun community of Wonder Women growing awesome businesses and shining online.

Don’t take my word for it.

Other clients say using my content and copywriting services is like working with a friend and a business buddy.

  • Call me
  • Email me
  • DM me on LinkedIn

Let’s get a virtual cuppa in our diaries to chat about the way your business is found and perceived – or isn’t found and perceived yet.


Jobs include introductory email copywriting to promote mobile bar bookings with local hotels and other non-hotel venues .

Judith is extremely knowledgeable and great at what she does!

Would definitely recommend working with Judith.

Stacey Collier

Mobile Bar Hire Business Owner, Albert & Charlie's, Darlington

Jobs include email copywriting to introduce new product concepts to new corporate audiences.

“The copy that Judith then produced for me absolutely blew my mind! Everything she created was just on brand and exactly the message I wanted to get across. The ‘voice’ in the content was warm, friendly, engaging and bursting with energy.

“If you want you copywriting done properly by a true expert then I HIGHLY recommend you contact Judith. As my little start up business starts to grow, I know for sure I will go nowhere else for my content other than Judith! Thanks again!”

Fallon Pryce

E-commerce Specialist and Entrepreneur, Prestige Pamper Hampers, Telford

Jobs include writing bi-monthly blog post bundles for website optimisation.

Anita Barzey

International Tutor & Private Tutoring Specialist, Motivate Me Tutors

Jobs include writing sales emails to highlight how the client’s services address the challenges of their target audience.

“Very well written sales emails. I was so impressed by the first one that I commissioned her to write the second one.. Let’s hope I get many leads from it :)”


Kubra N

Hotel Sales & Marketing Consultancy, Chatham

Jobs include website copywriting in a very formal style as specifically requested by the client.

“I loved her style of writing. I requested a style of writing which contains rich language and could connect with the audience, and she delivered it. She patiently stood by me and revised the documents if I found that there was something wrong with it. Highly recommended.”

Eaa T

Marketing & Design Agency, Singapore

Jobs include website copywriting for the client’s own website. Plus, SEO rich website blog copywriting on a sub-contracted for several of their very different clients.

“First class work, prompt and professional.”

John D

Marketing & SEO Agency, Cardiff