Copy and Content Writing Podcast Appearance:  It’s Not Rocket A Science! 5 Questions Over Coffee

The Host: Best-selling author, keynote speaker, business coach and growth guru Stuart Webb of The Complete Approach

The Date: Monday 22nd February 2021

A massive thank you to the highly knowledgeable and ever inquisitive Stuart Webb for inviting me to guest on his regular It’s Not Rocket A Science! 5 Questions Over Coffee video podcast.

Stuart Webb is a highly experienced Strategy Director, business advisor and mentor with extensive experience in acquisitions, business development, change management, marketing, mergers, sales and strategy.

He work with entrepreneurs and investors in technology, life sciences and customer service, enabling them to build the right leadership, systems, processes and advisory teams to achieve mass global scale and transform markets.

His early background as a scientist is very different to most in this field. It gave him the foundations which continue to underpin the success of his clients, regardless of their business type.

As a scientist, ensuring work is repeatable is a vital discipline (the basis of all scientific research). It’s given me a unique approach to embedding robust thinking and unbreakable formulas as the foundations for business growth. And it works!

Stuart says, “The mission of It’s Not Rocket Science! is to bring new ideas for building business to growth-hungry business leaders and owners who want to double their profits in under a year. We deliver actionable ideas using our “five questions over coffee.”

During my copy and content writing podcast appearance, we spent a captivating half hour sharing actionable copywriting hacks to help take the headache out of content creation.

It was an absolute pleasure and a privilege to have the opportunity for a chat with Stuart over a cuppa about some of the marketing challenges SME businesses face from start-up to scale-up.

What you’ll learn about from this copy and content writing podcast / vodcast appearance –

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