The Live Appearance:  The Journey by Podlife (a Geeky Group company)

The Host: Phil Crowshaw  Founder & Director at The Geeky Group

Date: 6th July 2022

Phil Crowshaw is a highly accomplished, results driven, business development consultant, coach, trainer, non-exec director and event speaker. And he’s positively fizzing over with passion about sales and marketing, with a key emphasis on digital media, innovation and online strategies and tactics.

But, let’s be honest, these things aren’t given cakewalk for many regular Joes/ephines.

Thank heavens for Phil! He literally laughs in the face of –

  • Video and Audio Podcasting
  • Training and Coaching
  • Business Development
  • Content Marketing
  • Livestreaming

With his extensive knowledge of the digital industry along with its trends and technologies, no wonder he’s SO in demand for speaking and training gigs.

And he’s as warm as a freshly baked cookie, which enables him to engage small and large teams alike to achieve their goals and objectives.

Podlife is a sub-section of Phil’s business. He describes it as “…dedicated to helping individuals and companies to develop the knowledge and skills needed to maximise the opportunities available in planning, recording, distributing and promoting video and audio podcasts. This is the future, not garlic bread.”

And I was thrilled to guest with him to talk about the art of copywriting. Easy to say but MUCH harder to get right.

Let’s roll, Phil.