The Live Appearance:  Savvy Says – Creating Content That Connects

The Host: Becky Whitaker, HE Lecturer in travel, tourism & event management, provider of social media content ideas, booster of sales conversions, and an all-round tourism, hospitality & events geek!

Date: 21st May 2021

I don’t mind admitting to being so excited about joining Selling Savvy for a coffee chat about Creating Content That Connects, on their weekly Friday morning Savvy Says Facebook Live.

Having a 25+ year track record in hospitality and events sales and marketing, Team Savvy have a special place in my heart.

They specialise in increasing sales revenue and conversion rates specifically within hospitality and events businesses.

Working with event and hospitality industry business owners, directors and their teams, Selling Savvy deliver regular interactive training workshops specifically designed for reactive sales teams.

Business owners and proactive team members can also benefit from their mentoring programme, where they offer one-to-one support with sales strategy and time management.

I admire and respect their work massively. It goes to a deeper level than traditional training and coaching for the hospitality industry.

In addition, their support for the industry and related suppliers has been been next level during the pandemic.

During Creating Content That Connects, we had a great chat about all things copy and content for time poor hospitality and event sales professionals.

We hope viewers left with a nugget or two to help their businesses cut through the noise at this crucial time as the world starts to reintegrate.