The Copy and Content Writing Podcast Appearance:  How to Humanise Your Brand with Tone of Voice

The Host: Tony Gibbs — The Creative Freelancer’s Coach, helping freelance creatives go from good to great with tips, tricks and 1-to-1 coaching

Date: 28th April 2021

Enjoy a fun, value rich podcast?

You won’t want to miss my recent guest slot – How to Humanise Your Brand with Tone of Voice- as part of Tony Gibbs’ amazing Building Expert Brands series.

Tony has been a freelance creative for the past six years, and a mentor for three. During that time, he’s the first to admit he’s scored some big wins and made some big mistakes.

He brings all of this experience to his coaching, empowering his freelance creative clients to get where they’re going—faster.

Building Expert Brands is a podcast for service professionals looking to build an expert brand for themselves. Every now and then, Tony releases a new interview with a guest expert, each one jam-packed with advice to help his audience reap the benefits of an expert brand.

In How to Humanise Your Brand with Tone of Voice, Tony digs deep and doesn’t shy away from asking challenging questions that matter to his listenership.

We had a great chat about tone of voice, and inevitably wound up talking about all things branding and content creation.

Our three favourite talking points are:

  • Should we emphasise our quirks? > (4:12)
  • Is it tougher to get content ‘right’ nowadays? > (6:21)
  • Figuring out your tone of voice—a starting point > (23:06)

All in all, an enjoyable and enlightening chat. Please check it out and let us know what you think?