The Host: Lesley Doughty, Helping mid life women with tips on health, wellness and diet to discover their glow, feel more energised, reduce stress, feel better, sleep better and live a more vibrant life.

Date: 21st January 2022

It was such fun to join Lesley for a chat about content and copywriting as part of a global video challenge she was taking part in.

She became involved in the health and wellness industry over 30 years ago, working for three different USA based health & wellness companies at their European headquarters here in the UK.

The best part of the jobs for Lesley was working with the distributors, helping them learn about better health and grow their businesses towards financial & time freedom.

She suffered a serious accident in 2018 which changed her life. Recovery took time. Happily, she’s better than was expected. But it understandably made her re-evaluate her life and her health.

In 2020 she started her own journey back to better health. As a result, her goal is to motivate, inspire & help others to find a way to get unstuck from where they are right now and find a new path forward to reset their health, have more energy & lose those extra pounds.

Whilst building her business, Lesley has keenly embraced most aspects of digital marketing. In particular, she’s put lots of time and effort in to creating video clips and also going live on social media.

She’s obviously doing something very right, because she won this challenge, out of hundreds of other small business owners around the world. Take a look and you’ll see exactly why.

I’m proud to have contributed in a tiny way and we hope viewers left with a nugget or two to help supercharge their content and copywriting for their businesses.