Anxiety Coach with client.

Bio Building for an Anxiety Coach

The Brief: This Anxiety Coach wanted to completely refresh his LinkedIn profile on a done-with-you basis to laser-target his ideal client.

The Deliverables: He was very clear on his tone of voice and his draft copy was very competent.

The key challenge was to condense all the information he wanted including in his profile within the character limit, and also to ensure it was completely outward facing and client-focused.

“Writing things like LinkedIn bios is really difficult for me. I know what I want to say and I can get 90% of the way there but I’m never quite happy with the result. It always feels like it was written by an amateur rather than a professional.

Even so, asking Judith for help was hard. My clients buy me not my services so I knew that it needed to have my voice.

Needn’t have worried. Judith took what I wrote and transformed it. I thought that I had a great structure for it and it needed a little editing. Judith changed the structure and actually it makes sense and is so much better than what I started out with. What I really like is that it still sounds like I wrote it.

The end result is that I have what I would have liked to have written myself without the many hours of frustration, agonizing over choice of words and being left with the feeling that it is right and not just good enough.

So the end result it good, the process was easy and I would recommend Judith’s services. I’m sure we will work together again at some point.”

Tony Leake

Anxiety Coach, Tony Leake Coaching & Therapy