A woman hosting a team meeting

website Copy and Course descriptions for a workplace wellbeing and mindfulness specialist

The Brief: This workplace wellbeing and minfulness specialist needed help to bring her services to life, in a succint yet compelling way that’s notoriously difficult to capture when you’re too close to your own business and sometimes can’t see the wood for the trees.

The Deliverables: There was nothing horriby wrong with her existing text. But, it was a bit repetitive and lacked a human touch.

So, with it was smooth sailing to make the text more accessible and engaging by using a less formal tone of voice and switching the focus from ‘me’ to ‘you’.



“The work that she’s done for me is great – her work needed minimal amends and she totally understood my tone of voice.

“Besides the quality of her writing work, she’s also a credible and helpful to deal with. I know exactly where to go in future when I need help with words.”

Laila Datoo

Workplace Wellbeing and Mindfulness Specialist, A Life More Mindful