A black female trauma therpist talking and reaching out to an upset white female patient who is curled up on a sofa cluthcing a cushion and cyring.

website Pages for a trauma therapist & parent counsellor

The Brief: This professional and heart-centred therapist needed help to bring her key website pages to life. Her existing text didn’t capture her personality and the pain points of her target audiences in a compelling way, which is especially difficult to do when there are multiple services on offer to different client bases.

The Deliverables: There was nothing horriby wrong with her existing text. But, there was waffle that didn’t punch hard to reflect emotive nature of her services.

We worked together on a ‘done-with-you’ basis, editing, re-structuring and elevating her existing text, making it warm, accessible and more client focused, whilst also getting her authentic ‘girl next door’ style across.