Argh, SEO copywriting methods! For many mere mortals, including yours truly, they’re often perceived as a necessary evil. In fact, they can feel like a dark art, some elusive form of digital outsourcery – something even SEO experts don’t fully understand, and don’t want to share its nefarious secrets with the rest of us.

All the same, SEO copywriting methods matters. They matter a lot to me, getting paid to compose digital content and copy for my clients. And if you’ve got a website, they matter to you too.

But truthfully, integrating things like geo-tagged, long-tail SEO keywords into a catchy headline, and then threading it naturally through the main body text, is tougher than it sounds.

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It Doesn’t Go with the Flow

Think about it – or try it for your own business and location. For example:

  • Social media ads training in Stockport
  • Conveyancing solicitor in Llangollen
  • Invoice financing in Aberdeen

There’s no doubting the validity of these SEO copywriting methods. Yet, they feel like trying to ram a square peg into a round hole without decimating your authenticity. And heaven forbid your website pages or blog posts scream of keyword stuffing. Honestly, it’s as dismal as reeking of subpar, instantly recognisable AI-generated content. You’re on a fast track to turning off humans quicker than a light switch!

But fret not! In this article, we’re peeling back the curtain on rockstar SEO copywriting methods. What’s more, there are some surprisingly uncomplicated yet incredibly potent insights you don’t want to miss.

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SEO Copywriting Methods to Get Found Online by a Search that Never Sleeps

Now, before diving into the juiciness, a supersized congratulations is due to Jonathan Guy , head honcho at organic search and reputation management specialists Aqueous Digital in Cheshire.

I was lucky enough to be on the it-list at his book launch event for Search Never Sleeps at the lush King Street Townhouse recently. And here are the three key SEO copywriting methods that resonated deeply:

1) Just a machine – Hold the enigmatic force of Google on a pedestal? You and billions of others! But it’s game-changing when you re-frame your approach to Google for what it truly is – and that’s a clever conduit between sellers and buyers. The stark reality? Google isnt going to purchase your wares. The real gold lies in genuine human interactions. Remember, you’re crafting content for people who laugh, cry, and buy – not for an algorithm.

2)     Nothing, but nothing, beats great content – As a copywriter, hearing this is music to my ears! Google’s sole job is to fetch up the best answers to browsers’ questions in a nanosecond. It doesn’t create content but scouts for it. For this reason, superior content attracts and hopefully resonates with your target audiences, leading to higher search rankings, and being remembered besides found.

3) One Page, One focus, One keyword or phrase – If content is king, clarity is its queen. This is because Google has the mammoth task of trying to understand and assess content to match with searches. The mantra here? KISS (Keep It Simple, Stupid). Each page should have a clear objective and target, making it easier for your audience and Google’s search engine spiders to validate and engage with.

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Why Stop at Just Reading?

Go and snag your copy of Search Never Sleeps, available on Amazon in hardback, paperback and Kindle editions.

But what if the beast of SEO copywriting methods is just playing too hard to get? Let’s face it, composing a continuous stream of human-friendly and Google-pleasing content can be a hamster wheel you’re disinclined to clamber on – or desperate to jump off!

Time to hit me up at Fruition Copywriting! If you’ve got questions, need a helping hand, or just want to talk a bit of shop SEO, content creation, and copywriting, my inbox is open. Click here when you’re serious about soaring up the search engine results pages with low effort high impact website words.