Why use a Copywriter?

Why use a Copywriter when you’ve already got a website and you can happily potter around on social media without having your hand held?

Let me explain… Marketing your business isn’t a ‘one-and-done’ job.

Having a website and to show up every now and again on the socials is better than nothing. But, it’s just the tip of the iceberg.

Listen, marketing your business can demand more than you have to give. The more you give it, the more it wants.

In fact, it can drive you potty, investing stuttering efforts to keep up with elements such as:

  • SEO blog posts
  • Social media channels
  • E-newsletters
  • LinkedIn articles
  • Lead magnets and email sequences
  • Press releases

Imagine the number of words in this little lot. But, the volume challenge is only half  your dilemma. After all, a boundless churn of subpar robocopy is a surefire way to disappear under a deluge of vanilla.

So, why use a Copywriter?

If you’re lost for the right words, I’ll help you find them.

Better still, I don’t have a neverending sales page that goes on forever to get to the prices…

Small Business Blog Post Bundle @ £199.00


Why use a Copywriter for a small business blog post bundle?

    • It’s an affordable website super-booster package if you’re wary about outsourcing copy and content for the first time, or if you want Google’s search engine spiders to take notice but you don’t have a big business budget.

  • 3 x 350 word done-for-you blog posts
    1 x accompanying relevant royalty-free image per blog post

Article and Blog Post Writing from £105.00

Why use a Copywriter for a articles and blog posts?

  • Blog posts and articles are multi-purpose grafters on your website, your social media and for your email marketing. They inform, educate and entertain your target audiences, whilst also improving your search engine rankings. Typical word counts are 500, 800, 1,000, 1,200, 1,500 or 2,000, depending on your budget and goals.
  • 300 -2,000 word done-for-you blog posts
  • Professional SEO keyword inclusion


Website & Landing Page Copywriting from £145.00 per page

Why use a Copywriter for website and landing page copywriting?

  • Website and landing page copy involves welcoming browsers to your shop window on the world, and influencing their behaviours when they’re there. In short, well-structured, customer-centric and SEO-rich content is SO powerful for speaking directly to your target audiences and shaping the way they interact with you.


  • Up to 500 word done-for-you website or landing page
  • Professional SEO keyword or keyphrase inclusion

Sales Emails, Letters and Email Sequences from £99.00

Why use a Copywriter for sales emails, letters and email sequences?

  • Professional perfectly structured sales emails and letters with hooky subject lines and strategic calls to action can generate phenomenal results if you’re promoting an existing service or launching a new one, have a special offer, need to generate appointments or you’re just introducing your business.


  • Up to 350 word done-for-you sales email or letter
  • Hooky subject line and clear calls to action

Social Media Post Writing Package @ £249.00

Why use a Copywriter for a social media post writing package?

  • A ‘plug and play’ social media post writing package will hit your sweet spot if you haven’t got time for consistent social media marketing or you’re short on content creation confidence.



  • 8 x assorted bespoke done-for-you social media posts
  • 3 x relevant hashtags per post
  • 8 x accompanying relevant royalty-free images, (branded with your logo if required)


Lead Magnets & E-Books from £175.00

Why use a Copywriter for lead magnets and e-books?

  • Lead magnets and e-books are the perfect platforms for sharing your authority with your target audiences in exchange for their data and, in some cases, – depending on your objectives – their money.



  • 3 x up to 300 word done-for-you lead magnet or e-book pages




Case Studies @ £250.00

Why use a Copywriter for case studies?

  • Case studies are ultra powerful pieces of user generated content, chock-full of glowing recommendations and impressive stats from your biggest fans. They tell the true behind-the-scenes story about your client’s challenges, why they chose you to solve their problems, and how you helped, in their words not yours. .
  • 1 x done-for-you up to 800 word case study
  • Interview with your client conducted on Zoom


Product Description Bundles @ £75.00

Why use a Copywriter for product descriptions?

  • Attention grabbing product descriptions are business critical if you’re an e-commerce business with continuous streams of new products to feature on your own website, and also potentially other third party websites like Amazon, Ebay, Etsy, etc.

  • 3 x up to 100 word done-for-you product descriptions
  • Professional SEO keyword inclusion

Done-With-You Copy Polishing @ £40.00 per hour

Why use a Copywriter for proofreading and copyediting?

  • Copy polishing is a cost-effective alternative to new done-for-you copywriting from scratch. It’s ideal for reframing and refining any out-of-date or subpar copy you’ve already got. And also for perfecting and correctly structuring new text you’ve written, before it’s used publicly.


  • Proofreading and copyediting on an hourly basis


Bio Building @ £200.00

Why use a Copywriter for bio building?

  • Bio building is an ideal service match if you need a new profile for LinkedIn profile and any other digital listings that require an About piece. A powerhouse for revamping an existing or new profile, elevating your key credentials, and acting as a love letter to your ideal clients or prospective employers.
  • Up to 600 word done-for-you or done-with-you bio


Press releases @ £125.00

Why use a Copywriter for press releases?

  • No matter how newsworthy your story might be, there’s an art to presenting it to busy journalists. Professional press release writing helps get the eyes of the media on your business, giving your story the best shot at some air, print or screen time.



  • Up to 500 word done-for-you press release

Corporate Contracting and Agency Sub-Contracting @ £300.00 per day

  • Why use a Copywriter for corporate contracting and agency sub-contracting?
  • Need a professional, reliable, trustworthy freelance copywriter to temporarily work as an extension of your in-house team, for months, a week, or a few half days?

Consider your search over.

Free consultation

The objectives of every individual client, every piece of work, are different. One copywriting and content creation cap doesn’t fit all

That’s why we’ll start the process with a complimentary 45-minute consultation to –

  • Skim below the surface of your business and your goals
  • Pinpoint where you’re currently at with your marketing and where you want to be
  • Discuss the best ways and means of promoting your business to help you get there as quickly and cost-effectively as possible

Bespoke service

The services, packages and rates above cover most popular copy and content writing scenarios.

But that doesn’t mean they’re the only scenarios, exhaustive or set in stone.

Copywriting and content creation has many variable components.

So, don’t be deterred, just ask if –

  • You can’t see what you’ve got in mind
  • Something had taken your fancy but doesn’t quite fit the bill


Ask and you shall receive.


  • Word Count Supplements @ £10.00 per additional 100 words
  • Blog Post or Website Page Uploading @ £20.00 per piece, including alt text for images and meta descriptions
  • Social Media Posting to your LinkedIn profile @ £60.00 per Social Media Post Package (8 posts)
  • Royalty-Free Image Sourcing @£2.50 per image

FAQs, Nuts, Bolts and Other Kitchen Sink Bits

    • Timeframes – Deliverable timeframes are agreed following our initial consultation and on a job-by-job basis.
    • What I Need from You – You might need to provide lots of information or next to nothing. It depends on your job. Please be mindful that the quality and timeliness of the information you provide might impact the accuracy of the end job and the deliverable timeframe.
    • Amendments –All jobs include one set of first draft amendments based on your feedback, as follows: In a single sitting, e.g. multiple disparate bits of feedback aren’t accepted. Within two weeks of first draft submission, (unless pre-agreed). Late feedback and first draft amendment requests beyond two weeks will be quoted additionally rather than included.
    • Payment –Post-payment with 30 day credit terms is available for regular and retained clients, upon receipt of a signed contract and satisfactory credit checking. New and one-off clients are required to pay 50% upfront basis, followed by settlement of the outstanding amount upon job completion.
    • Problems – They happen and they rarely involve the end of the world. So, if you have a problem with a job, just say so. I’ll do everything within my power to fix anything that’s broken within 24 hours.
    • Testimonials – You can see enough of them sprinkled across these pages. But I’ll gladly put you in touch with any of my other clients if you want to hear it straight from the horse’s mouth. Most of my other clients LOVE me. You will, too, (except if you pay your invoices late. Then you’ll see how mean I can be!).

    Jobs include a mix of copywriting and copyediting sales emails, lead magnets, and social media posts.

    “I was looking for someone for copywriting, proof reading, and copy editing help for quite some time, (in fact months). And came across your profile online.
    I think the universe had it’s hand in it. We’re definitely on the same page, and I’m really happy with your help and work.
    Thank you so much! I feel incredibly thankful and joyful that working together is going so well!”

    Liesbeth Schneider

    Mindset Development Expert & Coach, Roos Consultancy, The Netherlands

    Jobs include copywriting a 500 word key brochure page to capture their services and beneits.

    Great communication and excellent work, also very swift. Thank you.

    Max Bagas

    Marketing, Austin Dean Recruitment, London

    Jobs include sales letter copywriting to break through the noise and promote the benefits of their service compared to their competitors.


    “The letter was perfect. Thanks. Great work.”

    Sunil V

    Foreign Language Book Suppliers to UK Libraries, London

    Jobs include website blog copywriting for promotion via their social media channels to drive website traffic.

    “Judith is rare gem!
    She goes beyond expected. She delivered the work I needed in a timely manner. Her sales background is also an asset, as it helps in writing copy that sells. Thanks Judith. I’ll be instructing you on the next task.”

    Julie C

    Specialist Property Investment Solicitors , Bedford

    Jobs include sales letter copywriting, promoting the benefits to tradesmen of inclusion in the client’s local discount leaflet. Plus, job description copywriting.

    “Swift and knows exactly what she’s doing!”

    Mike F

    Printing Company, Manchester

    Jobs include SEO rich blog copywriting to improve their Google rankings.

    “Completed very quickly with great content and quality.
    Thank you.”

    Colin W

    Halloween Fancy Dress Retailer, City of Westminster