Writing better blog posts is a powerful way to uplevel your content marketing skills and attract your target audiences online. And the very fact that you’re here suggests you don’t want to miss a trick!

You probably already know that an engaging, value rich blog post is a powerful multi-purpose marketing missile for businesses of all shapes and sizes. And I’m here to help take the headaches out of writing better blog posts – even if you flunked high school English!

After all, having a growing library of resources on the Blogs page of your website can catapult you up the search engine rankings. And that’s just the beginning.

A pair of hands at a keyboard with blog post and content marketing related words.

Why Writing Better Blog Posts is Such a Must-Have Skill

Besides website marketing and SEO, there are many and varied other reasons for writing better blog posts. You see, compelling blog posts highlight how you’ve got the white-hot antidotes to the nightmares causing your readers unwanted eye bags.

You can reinforce your messages and give people even more reasons to know, like and trust you (without which they’ll never buy from you), by turning a blog post in to multiple low effort high ROI assets.

For example, you can re-purpose excerpts and create images, video clips and infographics from just one humble blog post, for:

  • Email Marketing
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Lead Magnets
  • Podcasts

So, what are you waiting for? Let’s wave “Sayonara, baby!” to time wasting, brain scrambling blank page syndrome and “Hello, my sunshine” to writing better blog posts.

A pair of hands at a laptop saying "Blog" on the screen, with coloured market pens, a notebook and a coffee also on the desk.

Simple Yet Surefire Steps for Blog Post Writing Triumph 1-5

Here’s the first five tips:

  • A Clear Why – Having a clear purpose helps you to write in an intentional way and provide genuine value to your target audiences. Try using a free online tool like Answer the Public for inspiration. It gives you a list of topics that people are searching for right now in your field of expertise.
  • A Hooky Headline – A powerful headline needs to convey in a nanosecond that your blog post might just provide the answers your target audiences are seeking. ‘How to’, listicles, top tips, ‘don’t’s’, and ‘the secrets of’ are simple yet effective headline formulas to try.
  • Deliver on Your Promise – Your opening lines need to reel your readers in. So, follow through from the get go on what your headline promised, with some interesting data or the static of the problem.
  • It’s All About Them – Write in the second person, e.g. you, your, yours, yourself, to make it about them, because that’s all your target audiences are interested in. There’s also the added bonus that writing in this tense makes for a more conversational and engaging tone.
  • Easy on the Eye – Sub-sections are useful for addressing specific questions or themes within your blog post. And bullet points within your sub-sections are the icing on the cake. Together they make your blog post more inviting to read than tedious blocky text.

The blog post section at the back end of a WordPress website.

Check back soon when I’ll be sharing the final 5 tips to have you crafting content on rocket fuel!

In the meantime, enjoy, ingest, let your creativity flow and have fun with it!

And you can ask me any questions. I’ll answer every single one.